Taking down the Christmas Tree

Christmas' remembered
Taking down the Christmas Tree can be a leisurely walk down memory lane.  No Grandchildren excited for Christmas, no discussions about where decorations should be hung or the right way to hang the Christmas lights - just us enjoying cups of coffee and tea with an entire day to complete the task.

And It’s Not Officially Winter Yet

Now, you dear readers who live in places like Minnesota or New York or Alaska, let me explain about Southerns and snow. Or, sleet. We have a reputation of going a little crazy when winter weather descends upon use, doing things like buying all the bread and milk off store shelves in a couple of hours. As soon as the televison meteorologist says the "S" word. (more…)

In One Weekend

Apple Cake
Before I left at the end of last week, I baked a quick-to-make cake for Daddy-O so he would not feel neglected or forgotten. So quick to stir together that I mixed it while still in my pajamas. Popped it in the oven to bake while I took a shower. With nearly an hour baking time, I had plenty to time to get ready before it was done. (more…)

Holiday Sangria

A house full of family for Thanksgiving week meant afternoon puzzles and evening card games. And maybe a little sangria. Maybe enough sangria to enjoy for a second night. The recipe said to make it and put in the refrigerator overnight. Jessica mixed it in the morning and we sampled it late that afternoon. It wasn't bad, but it was a little unimpressive. It really did need the be mixed the night before.