Myrtle Beach January 7, 2019

Breakfast watching the waves and the gulls.  The wind came up during the night so we set our backs to the wind, enjoying the morning sunshine, the call of the birds and the crashing of the waves.
We hope you enjoys today's images and John Masefield famous poem Sea Fever.
Waves on the beach

Myrtle Beach January 6, 2019

Above us a cloudless vibrant cerulean blue sky, 
the sea a picture of serenity as gentle waves build only as they encounter the rising shoreline.
In the unruffled water pelican's, seagulls and cormorants dive for their breakfast or  leisurely float on the surface of this calm, tranquil sea. 
We hope you enjoy today's offering of images from our day.
Wave at sunset

Myrtle Beach January 5, 2019

There was clear blue skies today which made everything seem that much better.
We walked to the State Park Pier as we are want to do and here are some of the images that we captured along our way.
Clear blue skies over the ocean

Myrtle Beach January 4, 2019

Since arriving the weather has been wet and cloudy and there has been no snow with the temperature well above freezing all is great!
Here is a sampling of our favourite images from today.
Myrtle Beach State Park Beach