Retirement Vacations – Top Ten Things To Do In London

You could spend weeks visiting the top sites in London. This is a list of the top ten that should be on everyone’s bucket list:

Number one, Buckingham Palace. Yes, you have to go, it is fabulous! First of all, walk up to the front gates and take a look in person at what you always see when they show it on television. If you have time there are beautifully manicured flower-filled gardens leading up to it which make a relaxing haven. And if you would like to visit the ornate Royal State Rooms, make sure to book your tickets online well in advance. And get there by 11:30 AM to see the Changing of the Guards in the courtyard!

Number two, take a cruise on the river Thames. Especially during the warmer months, taking a cruise along this gentle river gives you a unique perspective of the city and allows you a bit of respite from walking. Sit back and enjoy the historic scenery!

Number three, think about taking another cruise, this time through the lovely greenery of Regent’s Park. Make your way to Camden Lock and take a canal boat for a peaceful ride through Regent’s Park, past the zoo, to Little Venice where you can walk along the canal paths and take pictures of the canal boats and stop in at quaint canal-side pubs.

Number four, if you have children, head straight for the Duck Bus, which will be an awesome way to travel on the Thames River in a funny looking amphibious vehicle your kids will love.

Number five, the London Eye is a huge huge ferris wheel that you can see from almost anywhere in the city. If you want to thrill your children while snapping amazing photos from high in the sky, this ride is a must do on your list.

Number six, London’s premier departments stores are a sight in and of themselves and the top one, if you have time to tour only one, is Harrods. It is so huge it takes an entire block. As much entertainment as a department store, Harrods is a one of a kind in the world. Stroll and snack through its decorative food halls. Imagine, there are 20 different restaurants throughout the store to choose from, an Egyptian Hall, and a horse riding department where you can get fitted for a saddle. Really, it has just about everything!

Number seven, is to visit at least one of London’s outdoor markets. The best for foodies is Borough Market. The best for antiques is the market on Portobello Road every Saturday, as well as the Greenwich Market. Allocate at least a couple of hours to wander through them.

Number eight, consider spending a day at London’s illustrious museums, all of which are free. For art head to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and then the Tate Britain. For decorative art and design, visit the atmospheric Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington. And for a refreshing look at the world of contemporary art, make a detour to Chelsea to visit the really beautiful Saatchi Gallery.

Number nine, to feel like a local and dive into an interesting neighborhood, begin in Sloane Square and follow the King’s Road for as long as you wish. The neighborhood is Chelsea. This is a great way to shop where locals shop, see high end fashion in trendy boutiques, take peeks at the expensive homes in the streets radiating to the left and right of the main road, and take in the special flavor of what living in London feels like.

Number ten, and a great way to finish your tour of London, is to visit the Tower of London to visit the Crown Jewels exhibit, surely some of the most valuable and eye-popping jewels in the entire world. The tower itself was the home of England’s royalty before Buckingham Palace was built, so it reeks of history and tradition.

Limiting London to ten top spots is a hard task. London is endlessly fascinating. Hopefully this small list will give you the introduction you need to discover your own top list!

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Retirement Vacations – Top Ten Things To Do In London

Retirement Vacations – Your Itinerary For The Cote d’Azur in France

When you open your eyes, you will almost be in France. Your flight is just circling Nice Airport. It is morning in the south of France and time to begin a beautiful adventure. But wait. Don’t leave the airport in a hurry. After all, there is a Paul kiosk in the main lobby serving exquisite freshly baked pastries and creamy cafe au lait! Fortified with perhaps a pain au chocolat and an espresso, you can now feel revived and ready to face the world. Make your way to the car rental stand and pick up your car in the parking lot outside. The first thing you will notice is the warm balmy air and the sound of palm tree fronds slapping in the soft wind as you walk over to it, pack your luggage in the trunk, and head out towards Monte Carlo.

The road from Nice to Monte Carlo has to be one of the most beautiful in the world, hugging the top of cliffs overlooking the ocean. It should take you a leisurely couple of hours, more if you stop at some of the villages like the historic perched village of Eze with its amazing views and narrow cobblestone streets, or Menton, with its classic villas by the sea. You may want to stop for lunch in Menton or Beaulieu and find a beachside restaurant to sun and dine in. The entry to Monte Carlo is unique. If you look up at the poles holding the traffic lights you should be able to make out cameras. Every street and corner in Monte Carlo is monitored by security cameras, making this a very very safe place to visit! If you booked a hotel, check in. If not, find a parking space and walk as it is a really small area to tour. Hike up to the Royal Palace where Prince Albert and his new bride live. It dates from 1191. If it is summer, you should be able to visit the Royal State Rooms.

If you love aquariums, Monte Carlo has one of the best in the world on the top of a promonotory overlooking the sea. If you like gambling, visit the casino which has been the focus of so many James Bond movies. Then simply stroll to enjoy the shops, little restaurants and impressive marina.

Your tour will now have you hopping back in your car to drive back to Nice, one of the biggest cities in France. Find a parking space and walk along the Promenade des Anglais, a sweeping long walkway along the ocean and beach. Food lovers will want to visit the Cours Saleya outdoor market which occurs in Nice every day except Monday. Antique lovers will want to go there for the Antique Market on Mondays. Then wind your way into Old Town to explore the ancient streets and the small boutiques and restaurants there. Visiting Nice could take you at least a day or two. It is big and cosmopolitan and full of great museums, beach life, entertainment, and wonderful hotels.

Now get in your car again and drive in the direction of Antibes, where you will park and walk through the village, stopping at the Picasso Museum and visiting the outdoor market. Antibes has a huge marina filled with luxurious mega yachts to walk around and gaze at as well.

When you are ready, your drive will now take you in the direction of Cannes, an elegant city by the sea where the Cannes Film Festival is held each year. Any of the towns on this itinerary can be booked for hotels or small pensions and become your base for touring. Cannes is especially nice because it is small enough to be able to walk down and enjoy the glamorous beach any time of the day or night and because it is geared towards making you have a good time! There are fabulous restaurants, shopping, activities, side trips to take, and a lovely old town up on the hill to explore.

A trip to the Cote d’Azur will only wet your appetite for more. There are so many small villages clustered nearby offering amazing experiences, from Biot’s glass blowing studios to Grasse’s perfume factories. Take this introductory itinerary and while you are at it make a list of all the other places you would like to visit along the Cote d’Azur on your next trip!

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Retirement Vacations – Your Itinerary For The Cote d’Azur in France

Senior Citizen Living

When most people think of senior citizen living, they think of negative things. People assume once you get older there is very little you can do or that your quality of life isn’t as great as it used to be. All of these things are misconceptions. Senior citizens have tons of options these days. There are so many communities setup specifically for people aged 55 and older. These communities are great for seniors who are still able to care for themselves, and who want to be surrounded by neighbors their own age. Most of these communities include wonderful amenities. Most communities have a clubhouse available for all residents. The clubhouses are usually there to provide a place for the residents to meet and socialize. The clubhouses might even host game nights, dances, lectures, bingo nights, arts and crafts and, many other classes or activities. Recreation centers are also usually onsite for the residents. The recreation centers could include fitness equipment, pools, putting greens, and even tennis courts. If seniors love the water or outdoors, they can usually find communities located on lakes, the ocean, or even in the mountains. No matter what kind of hobbies you are into, there is a senior citizens community that will match your needs.Some senior citizens need some assistance with everyday tasks. There are plenty of assisted living communities out there to accommodate. Assisted living communities are usually similar to apartment complexes or condos. The residents are still living in their own space, which usually includes a bedroom, full kitchen, living room and bathroom. This assists in allowing residents to still feel independent. Assisted living communities have professional staff onsite to assist residents with tasks they are unable to do on their own, such as, cleaning, cooking, bathing, walking, and taking medication. Most assisted living communities have similar amenities as any other senior citizen community, but with more assistance. There is usually some sort of Activities Director onsite to schedule different activities for the residents to participate in. These may include, walking classes, pottery classes, water aerobics, dances, or even a chest tournament. Assisted living communities usually have a large dining area for all of the residents to eat at. This assists in making sure all residents are eating three meals a day and getting the nutrition that is needed. It also provides a time for residents to socialize with others. The staff keeps an eye on all the residents throughout the days. Finally, there are senior citizens that prefer living on their own completely. People in this group are more than able to care for themselves with no assistance. Usually they have family members nearby to assist when needed. As you can see, senior citizen living is just as satisfying and entertaining as any other age group. Just because you are getting older does not mean you have to live a boring life.

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Senior Citizen Living

Top Ten Things to See in Sydney on your Retirement Vacation

Sydney has a lot of things to offer for retirement vacations. It is filled with natural and architectural delights as well as hip and famous places that people of all ages will definitely enjoy. Below are the top ten things to see in Sydney, Australia:

1. The Historic Rocks Village – You can explore this area. You will get to see the Opera House, Customs House, Tank Stream, Cadman’s Cottage, overseas passenger terminal, Sydney Observatory, Sailors Home, Pylon Lookout and the Garrison Church. It is also filled with bars or pubs if you like to party in Sydney.

2. Royal Botanical Gardens – Enjoy wonderful scenery in this special place. You will also get to see a lot of art works for it houses a lot of art galleries.

3. Darling Harbour – This place houses a lot of interesting sites to visit such as the National Maritime Museum, King Street Wharf and Cockle Bay. You can also dine on the waterfront part of this spectacular site.

4. Taronga Park Zoo – Enjoy the sites and different animals especially kangaroos and koalas. You can also get to see a seal show in this zoo.

5. Marcquarie City and Street – Enjoy a tour around the Parliament House, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney Hospital, the Mint Museum and other exciting spots in this street in Sydney.

6. The Sydney Opera House – One of the world’s great buildings. Brilliant.

7. Luna Park – You can have fun at this amusement park for all ages! Dedicate an entire day enjoying the rides and the view of this amusement park.

8. The Strand Arcade – This is located opposite the Centerpoint Tower. You can go up to the 1st level for the best clothing and jewellery shops made by top Australian designers.

9. Glebe Fish Markets – You will get to see and eat the best fish and chips as well as the best seafood in Sydney!

10. Sydney Showboats – Get to see the spectacular view of the entire city of Sydney and experience the unique cruising with entertainment and dinner on a paddle wheeler.

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Top Ten Things to See in Sydney on your Retirement Vacation