Myrtle Beach January 8, 2019

Breakfast on the beach in early morning sunshine.  
The waves are moving towards the shore in groups of three two break in tandem  creating a loud crash followed by a softer rush of sound as the third wave tumbles on shore.
Waves on the shoreline
There are fewer birds floating on the water, on the beach or in the air as the sun dances in and out of the clouds.
Sun moving in and out of the clouds
While the shoreline appears the same day after day, year after year, sand and breaking waves the truth is that each wave is unique, and changes the shoreline, the sand formation and the waves are affected by sky which is always in a state of change. 
Wild flower on the dunes
We are in the same state of constant change with every new thought and experience changing us, providing opportunities for happiness, gratitude and serenity.
This vista of power, beauty, serenity and renewal is exactly that a vast ocean of possibilities of hope.
shoreline vista
The day is warming, and we are over dressed for our walk to the State Park Pier – what a wonderful thing to be!
State Park Pier
As we sit and rest before continuing our walk we notice wild flowers beginning to show in the dunes and bird song.  The birds rest upon the upper most branches on the stunted Live Oaks growing on the dunes. 
Bird in Live Oaks on the dunes
We arrived at our destination where we sit and enjoy cups of coffee and tea, reading and enjoying our view of the shoreline.
Where we sit to read
Grandma Snyder
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