Myrtle Beach January 9, 2019

Calm seas this morning with waves tumbling single file onto the shoreline.
Gulls on the seashore
The birds are back playing in the surf and floating on the gently rolling surface of the sea, they are totally present in their reality relaxed in their play and fully present in the sudden awareness of food close by.
Sunrise over the ocean
The wind gently ruffles the small hairs on our faces and carries upon it the wonderful scent of salt water.
Sunrise over the ocean
All of this creates an atmosphere of peace and contentment.  This is place to be still and contemplate the glories of life and creation.
Flotsam on the beach
We spent the day working on our picnic shelter and we now have a place out of the wind and sun to relax, cook and read in.
By the end of the day totally relaxed after time spent in the hot tub it was early to bed.
Grandma Snyder
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