Myrtle Beach January 10, 2019

Cold sunny weather and no snow still an ideal place to relax and be present with yourself.
Wood on the beach
We have been in the habit of taking our breakfast on the beach and the cold temperature kept us in our bed.  We did something we never do, we took breakfast in bed, and let our inner child out by dunking cookies in our coffee.
Breakfast in bed
Well into the late morning we dressed and ventured out on the beach for a short walk and then back into the park where we explore the place we are calling home for the next few months.
Swans on the ocean
Upon our return there was no water in our Rpod and we began heating pipes believing something had frozen.  Later when we sent to the washroom we saw the signs that the water had been shut off.  All is well that ends well.
Cormorants and a Pelican
Next we run out of propane however yesterday we purchased a second tank and shop heater to keep our picnic shelter warm and so the tanks were switched and all was well.
The best laid plans ... today I was going to start knitting and here we are at the end of the day with no knitting yet the day was full of wonderful activities and time spent surrounded by things that brought joy.
Our home
Grandma Snyder
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