Myrtle Beach January 12, 2019 Camellia Flowers

A leisurely morning spent inside as high tide took over the beach, talking, writing and crafting.
Camellia flower
The highlight of the day was the Grand Strand Camellia Society Annual Show.  
Camellia Flower
The beauty of this winter flowering tree has not gone unnoticed and each year we photograph 100s of the Camellia flowers.  Francis Duggan says it best in his poem The Beautiful Camellias.
Camellia Flower
The camellias bloom in Winter when the skies are cold and gray
When the sun shines at it's weakest and the Spring seems far away
Each tree an individual by the shade of flowers more often than not rare.
Camellia Flower
In shades of pink and creams and reds the colours one might name
Each is an individual for no two look the same
The beautiful camellias resplendent in their flowers
They bloom in lawn and garden on Winter's coldest hours.
Camellia Flower
In late fall in Victoria in the Southern Hemisphere
The flower bus on camellia tell Winter days are near
And before the wattles come to bloom towards the end of July
The flowers on the camellia tree lose their petals and die.
Camellia Flower
The beautiful camellias bloom in the cold winter showers
And long before the southern spring they will have lost their flowers
And on June's coldest and wettest day great beauty I can see
A mass of pink flowers blooming on the green camellia tree
Camellia Flower
Grandma Snyder
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