Myrtle Beach January 13, 2019 – Self Awareness

The day dawned cloudy and partway through breakfast the rain started.
We are attending the Shepherd By The Sea church while we are here in Myrtle Beach and this morning Pastor Brad Bellah’s sermon focussed on how when we are in a crisis the words “Help is on the way” brings relief as our community comes to assist us.
We cannot thrive outside of community, we can live, survive and we cannot thrive and here is one of the personal issues that retirement has created.  How will I thrive in the future as in retirement I have severed my relationship with a community in which I have thrived. 
With this realization I know the task ahead of me.  Many communities are present around the periphery of life, communities that I now need to spend time with and determine if I can thrive within these new communities.
After the service we spent time mall walking, yes mall walking getting daily exercise is a promise we have made to each other.
The dunes
Now that I am relaxing I have started to discover myself, the things that bring me joy.
I am a creative!  Taking apart tangles and picking out seams calms me.
I am a fixer! And I do not know what to do with this aspect of me.
wild sea oats
I am an idea person!  I love living in the world of ideas and to satisfy this I am reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl recommended to me by a friend.
I am a treasure hunter! I enjoy looking through thrift stores, and the beach for flotsam of interest.
Mall walking
Grandma Snyder
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