Taking down the Christmas Tree

Christmas' remembered
Taking down the Christmas Tree can be a leisurely walk down memory lane.  No Grandchildren excited for Christmas, no discussions about where decorations should be hung or the right way to hang the Christmas lights - just us enjoying cups of coffee and tea with an entire day to complete the task.
We make a day of taking down our small tree taking time to remember where each decoration came from and which were gifted to us.  Through these memories specific Christmas'  flood back and we smile, laugh and cry together.
Christmas' remembered
Once the tree and decorations are all down the house feels both empty and refreshed all at the same time and if truth-be-told we enjoy taking it all down more than the chaos of putting it all up.
It that too Grinchish?
Somehow Boxing Day has always felt more like the beginning of a new year with all the large family meals are over, the rich dessert given away, the house cleaned up and our thoughts turning to seed catalogs and the anticipation of spring.
Our friends have often lovingly admonished us for putting Christmas away so soon when others leave it all up until after New Years Eve, I have even heard of some who leave the tree up until February!
When do you take your Christmas Tree down?
Grandma Almeda made this special Christmas decoration.  She went through a bead and pin crafting period where every Christmas her grandchildren were gifted a handmade decoration.  This is my favourite and I can still remember the feeling of her arms around me and the smell of her hair as I thanked her for this gift.
Christmas' remembered
One year she sat me down at her kitchen table and tried to teach me how to make these decorations and tried is the operative word.  I am a patient person and beading onto the head of steal pins was too much for me and my antics reduced my Grandmother to tears of laughter.
I should confess that for a few years after her passing I had this decoration hanging in my kitchen window just to keep her memory ever present.  I no longer need this daily reminder as I can see her in the mirror each morning and I find great comfort in knowing that I look like the woman who taught me to be a Grandmother.
Merry Christmas my friends.
Grandma Snyder
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