I Am Thankful

Look at your calendar. Or, maybe you'd better not. Thanksgiving is two weeks from today. TWO. WEEKS. I don't know about you but this weekend I need to be making lists, doing some freezer cooking, getting things ready.  Besides "THE dinner" I'll be feeding family for that whole week. I need to jump on the list making .

But let me keep my priorities straight. Before I get lost in grocery list making and cleaning and cooking, let me stop and make a list of what I am thankful for. It's a very long list.

Top item on my list? I am beyond thankful that the family will be home. All of them. These days, it's rare to have the entire family together. For us, it won't happen again during this year. So we will enjoy those few days together.

I'll pop in here when I can between now and then. Maybe post a recipe as I make things. (This blog has become my own personal recipe box. It's easy to keep recipes here so that I can find them again.) But if you don't see me here, chances are you'll find me in the kitchen.