Almost Missed it

The calendar and I have a long and tortured relationship. From time to time I have been known to confuse the time of an event or show up on the wrong day for an appointment. Not often, but it has happened. So it comes as no surprise that I nearly missed my own birthday lunch.

I got an email this morning inviting me to lunch tomorrow. My birthday IS today but grownups don't always observe the occasion on the actual day. So I gleefully accepted, glad for the chance to spend some time with family I don't see often.

Just before noon today I get a text message saying, "We are here. Where are you?" Our agreed upon time was 11:30. That part I didn't confuse. So I made a quick phone call and said I'd be there in 15 minutes. Dashed out the door. Remember those "come as you are" parties years ago? That's how I went. And I got there in time for a shorter visit than planned, but it was still good.

There is a lesson in all this. The email invitation saying "tomorrow" was written last night and I didn't  see it until this morning. So her "tomorrow" and MY "tomorrow" meant two different days. (This has happened one time before, but I was the one sending the email.)

Let this be a cautionary tale. Learn from us. From now on, we will say "Can you meet me for lunch on TUESDAY?" And for good measure, we will add the date, too. "Can you meet me for lunch on Tuesday, Nov. 13" And maybe, just maybe, we will all end up at the same place at the same time.

You know, if things always went smoothly, there would be precious few—if any—good stories to tell. ?