5 Minutes Of My Day – Mist On The Lake

September 7, 2018

The weather has cooled off and with the change in temperature comes mist off the warmer water.  Today the mist raising into a sunny blue sky transported me back to a memory of a trip to Newfoundland where morning fog rolled at its leisure off the ocean and onto the land, stopping traffic until it passed.  Thoreau's would have had similar memories as he speak of the Newfoundland mist in his poem.

Low-anchored cloud,
Newfoundland air,
Fountain-head and source of rivers,
Dew-cloth, dream-drapery,
And napkin spread by fays;
Drifting meadow of the air,
Where bloom the daisied banks and violets,
And in whose fenny labyrinth
The bittern booms and heron wades;
Spirit of lakes and seas and rivers, -
Bear only perfumes and the scent
Of healing herbs to just men's fields.
~ Henry David Thoreau

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