Sue’s Butterfly Junk Journal

Butterfly Journal

Sue's Butterfly Journal.

 We will never know the impact we have on people.

 Sue is a soft spoken gentle woman with the spirit of a lion.  
She sees people and that in a world of social media is rare and wonderful all at the same time.

On a day when the world was imploding, one of those days when all of the joy has been pulled out of the spirit she saw me.

Since that day when asked to think of a time you experienced kindness it is of the moment Sue saw me I think of.

Making this journal was a labour of love as with cut of the scissors, stitch on the sewing machine I thought of Sue and the many ways she has influenced my life.

There is a video flip through of the complete journal at the bottom of this post.

Side of the journal pages

Top of the pages with lace tabs

Grandma Snyder
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