Retirement Vacations – Feasting In Paris

Every gourmet or aspiring foodie dreams of dining their way through the city of light. Most yearn for a cafe where they can sip and sample small plates and watch the world walk by. Most yearn for an over the top experience with haute cuisine that they will carry away as a memory to cherish and talk about for years. All want to saunter and savor Paris restaurants above all other activities on their trip.

So let’s talk about how to achieve this. One way is to take a cooking class. Paris is full of cooking classes offered by famous cookbook authors and chefs, and you can find them offered in all languages. If you speak English and want to experience an unforgettable cooking class in Paris, book a spot with cookbook author and instructor Patricia Wells. You will be given entrance to her intimate kitchen studio, have her guide you to the best food markets in Paris, and have her teach you how to cook French gourmet cuisine. You’ll even be able to sit down afterwards and enjoy your own cooking!

A delightful way to experience the pleasures of Parisian food culture is to go to one of the outdoor food markets. Shop. Take pictures. And stop for a meal at one of the restaurants surrounding the markets. One of the most picturesque and upscale markets is on the Rue de Buci where you will also find chic spots to claim a seat at an outdoor table so that you can bask in the glow of your surroundings over a lovely lunch.

For an out of this world experience, visit the Grand Epicerie in the Bon Marche department store in the 7th arrondisement. Jewel-like it the ambiance created by colorful displays in an elegant setting, this amazing food market has an abundance of items that will have you rapidly filling your cart. You will have to restrain yourself from reaching for pastries or cheeses or breads that you want to taste right then and there! If there is no other stop you have time for on your trip to Paris, you must make time for a visit to the Grand Epicerie.

Of course, the grandest and best known of all food stores in Paris is Fauchon on the Place de la Madeleine. Entering Fauchon is like entering heaven. Take out foods are so spectacular to look at that it will be hard to pick one over the other. The good news is that you can pick and then carry your treasure to a nearby stool or high table to enjoy it before continuing your tour of the food store. It is expensive, but oh it is so worth it!

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Retirement Vacations – Feasting In Paris