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Hong Kong’s First Urban Beekeepers Ensuring Survival of Local Traditions

Photo: HK Honey

Hong Kong as a city and as an experience never ceases to amaze me. Though the stereotypical image of Hong Kong as a glittering, polluted ultra-modern metropolis still stands, it’s surprising to discover that even just a half-hour ferry…

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Healthy Eating is Important and it’s Getting Easier

Photo credit: Walmart Stores/Creative Commons

This guest post was written by Andrea Thomas, Walmart senior vice president of sustainability.

Eating healthier is something everyone wants to do, but few of us have figured out how to do it. At Walmart,…

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Edward Glaeser Phones In The Old Arguments Against Local Agriculture

Urban Farming on a Rooftop, 34 stories high. Image Credit Lloyd Alter

Economist and author Edward Glaeser enjoys contradicting popular wisdom; I reported on his trashing of Jane Jacobs earlier; now he writes in the Boston Globe that Urban farms do mo…

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Farmers’ Protection of Nature Worth Billions a Year

An otter holt under construction on a farm in Cambridgeshire. Image credit: The Cooperative Group, used under Creative Commons license.

I wrote yesterday that focusing on food miles risks oversimplifying the idea of local food. The fact is that how a…

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